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Preparing for your COVID-19 vaccination



Bookings – No available vaccination appointments until further vaccine stock received

We have thousands of patients who want to get a COVID-19 vaccine to protect themselves and our community. We will have a limited number of vaccines to start with, so we ask everyone to be patient. There are several things you can do to assist the bookings for our vaccination clinics

  • Stay up to date on the government website here
  • Confirm your phase 1b  eligibility here
  • Check for updates on vaccine availability on our website here or on our facebook page
  • Ensure your details are up to date – name, DOB, medicare card, contact details
  • When appointments are available book your vaccine online via HOTDOC to prevent our phone lines becoming overwhelmed
  • Please be respectful of our staff when calling for information or bookings
  • Do not book a COVID-19 vaccination within 2 weeks of any other vaccination (eg. flu vaccine)



Limitations of the vaccination appointment

The government has allowed for less than 5 minutes for each vaccination appointment in GP clinics.

That is not much time do everything that is required including:

  • Saying hello, confirming your identity, confirming that you qualify for the vaccine, checking that you are well, confirming that you consent to having the vaccine, sanitising hands, drawing up and administering the vaccine, recording notes into your medical record, uploading the vaccine details to your online vaccination record (AIR), giving you information on where to wait after your vaccination, calling the next patient

This means there is not the required time to:

  • Answer lots of questions
  • Have a chat
  • Write prescriptions or referrals
  • Do the “hey doc, while I’m here” thing

To make this work and allow us to vaccinate all 20 million Australians 2-3 times (2 doses of covid-19 vaccine and 1 dose of flu vaccine) before the end of the year, we need your help



What can patients do

  • Do not book a vaccine until you know enough to proceed.
  • Stay up to date on the government website here
  • If you need to discuss your specific health needs in relation to the COVID-19 vaccination, please book a regular consultation with your usual GP
  • Please be respectful of our staff when calling for information or bookings
  • Ensure your details are up to date – name, DOB, medicare card, contact details
  • Bring photo ID to your appointment
  • Confirm your phase 1b eligibility here
  • If we do not know you, you need to bring proof of your eligibility (health summary from your GP, letter from your employer, etc.) or complete the declaration in this form
  • If you have already had a dose of COVID-19 vaccination, please bring evidence of immunisation to your appointment
  • Please read the consent form here. Consider printing it and bringing the completed form to your vaccination. Alternatively you can complete the consent form via HotDoc when booking



On the day of vaccination

  • If you are unwell or cannot attend on the day, please call us to let us know and reschedule so no vaccine goes wasted
  • Where possible, only those receiving the vaccine should attend
  • Wear clothing with easy access to your upper arm
  • Have your paperwork ready – photo ID, declaration if needed (eg. Unpaid carers), consent form, health summary from your GP (if you are not a regular patient)
  • Do not arrive early
  • Expect to wait 15-30 minutes after the vaccine



Where is the vaccination clinic?

  • In the arcade leading to Nelson Plaza Clinic on the left-hand side before the lift (29 Stockton Street, Nelson Bay)
  • We recommend street parking if possible



When will the vaccination clinics be scheduled?

  • This will depend on vaccine supply. We will initially run one vaccination clinic per week during usual operating hours of Nelson Plaza Clinic (08:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday).
  • We hope to increase the number of vaccination clinics once vaccine supplies increase, and are prepared to run vaccination clinics at all times Nelson Plaza Clinic is open.
  • Hours may be extended to accommodate those who cannot attend during usual business hours. This will depend on vaccine supply.



After the vaccine

  • Side effects are common but mild and short lived. See here for more information



Who should not have the vaccine at this time?

  • Patients under 18 years of age
  • Anaphylaxis to previous COVID-19 vaccination or ingredients of vaccine
  • Patients with a history of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis or heparin induced thrombocytopenia
  • Patients who are pregnant
  • Patients who are unwell with a fever >38.5 degrees



Who can have the vaccine? 

  • All patients who meet the government eligibility
  • Patients with a history of anaphylaxis – but you will have to wait 30 minutes post vaccination
  • Patients who are immunocompromised
  • Patients with complex medical issues including cancer


COVID-19 Vaccination FAQ

Am I Eligible?

More Information

I need more specific information about COVID-19 vaccination and my personal health

Please book an appointment to speak to your regular GP to get the best advice for your situation